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Ardbeg 10yo Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Abv: 46%

Volume: 1 L

For peat lovers, Ardbeg 10 Year Old is probably the highest-quality 'entry-level' single malt on the market, and the distillery many whisky lovers would choose as their favourite. If you're after a whisky with full of coastal air, smoke and more, this is exactly what you want.

Nose: Heavy peat with some vanilla, citrus fruits and seaside.

Palate: Sweet vanilla counterbalanced with lemon and lime followed by that surging Ardbeg smoke that we all know and love.

Finish: Long and glorious, sea salted caramel and beach bonfire smoke.




雅柏 10年 單一麥芽蘇格蘭威士忌

容量:1 L

對鍾情於重泥煤的愛好者來說,雅柏10年單一麥芽蘇格蘭威士忌可能是市場上質量最高的「入門級」單一麥芽威士忌,同時雅柏蒸餾廠也是一間受許多威士忌愛好者熱愛的酒廠。 如果您想要一杯充滿沿海氣息、煙燻與更多香氣的威士忌,雅柏10年正是您想要的。




[WF:90] Ardbeg 10yo Single Malt Scotch Whisky 1L 雅柏10年單一麥芽蘇格蘭威士忌1L

HK$810.00 Regular Price
HK$690.00Sale Price

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