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Talisker 2010/2020 Distillers Edition Amoroso Cask Finish
Abv: 45.8%
Volume: 70 cl


This expression has all the classic traits of Talisker - fresh, coastal salinity and peat, and those notes are marvellously complimented by the whisky's finishing period in Amoroso sherry casks, bringing full-bodied sweetness into the mix.


Nose: Mild peat and sea breeze, slight citrus, walnuts, touches of heather and cigars , peppery rocket and chocolate raisins.


Palate: Coastal sea spray, prickly pepper and peat, mellowed by dark, oily, mouthcoating, sweet sherry.


Finish:  Long lasting. Prunes and boozy fruitcake, pepper prickles the tongue, softened by chocolate and dark, heavy, sweet sherry.




泰斯卡 2010/2020 酒廠特別版 Amoroso Cask Finish
容量:70 cl


這支作品具有 泰斯卡 的所有經典特徵 — 新鮮、沿海鹽味和泥煤,而這些香氣與威士忌在 Amoroso 雪利酒桶中的收尾相得益彰,為酒液帶來濃郁的甜味。







Talisker 2010/2020 Distillers Edition Amoroso Cask Finish

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