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Whisky Wholesale

1. Wholesale price of goods

Generally speaking, the wholesale price of the product will be lower than the retail price due to the quantity, and individual products will depend on the situation.

For the latest wholesale information, please WhatsApp us at (852) 5930 7782.

If you need to inquire about wholesale information, you can contact us in the following ways
WhatsApp hotline: (852) 5930 7782


2. Payment method

Whiskey Campus Wholesale only accepts bank transfer and FPS payments, please visit the page "Shipping & Payment Methods" for details.

3. Product return policy

Once all wholesale products are sold, Whiskey Campus does not accept any return or exchange, and Whiskey Campus reserves the right to refuse orders for return and refund.

4. Wrong delivery / Damaged item

If the buyer finds that the product has been delivered by mistake/missing, please contact us immediately when you receive the product.

Whiskey Campus will decide to refund or resend according to the actual situation.

But if the buyer is unable to receive the goods due to personal reasons (such as travel or sudden refusal to contact), Whiskey Campus will not bear any responsibility. And if this causes the goods to be returned to the warehouse of Whiskey Campus, the buyer must be responsible for the related logistics costs, and the buyer must ensure that the goods are intact, otherwise the buyer should compensate for the corresponding losses.

5. Wholesale pre-order
All confirmed pre-orders will not be canceled for any reason. If the buyer cancels the order, the 50% deposit paid will not be refunded.

6. Other disclaimers

Whiskey Campus will not be responsible for any loss of the buyer in the event of the following special circumstances.

Anything from unrestricted strikes, blockades, industrial actions, riots, riots, terrorist attacks (threats), war (whether declared or not), threats of war, fires, explosions, storms, floods, earthquakes, subsidences, epidemics (and all other natural Disasters), public or private telecommunications network damage resulting in loss to the buyer, Whiskey Campus will not be held responsible.

Once the above situation occurs, Whiskey Campus will:

Immediately notify the buyer of the situation to make arrangements.

At the same time, related commercial activities and shipments are suspended, and the delivery period will be automatically extended.

And according to the actual situation at that time to reschedule the delivery date of the goods.

7. Right to refuse orders
Whiskey Campus reserves the right of final interpretation of this commodity wholesale contract regulation, and reserves the right to refuse related (additional) services and (additional) responsibilities.

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