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Lagavulin 11yo Offerman 3rd Edition Charred Oak Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Abv: 46%
Volume: 70 cl


Anyone who has watched Parks and Recreation will know Scotch whisky, wood, and steak are pretty much all Ron Swanson’s favourite things. Well, those traits are shared by the actor who plays him, Nick Offerman, too. And as he and Lagavulin have been partnering up since 2014, nobody is surprised to see them create a whisky that was designed to be enjoyed with steak. The third whisky in the Offerman Edition series, Charred Oak Cask is aged in American and European oak casks that are shaved down then heavily re-charred, and is said to be the “perfect pairing for well-barked, medium-rare steak” with Offerman recommending a seared ribeye.


Nose: Strong, maritime-style smoke (campfire by the sea). Ash, Charcoal, Sea Spray. In addition, notes of brown apples are mixed in at the beginning, which fortunately disappear after a few minutes in the glass. Furthermore, caramel, malt, vanilla, toffee, citrus notes, passion fruit, oak spice.


Palate: Slightly peppery attack, creamy body. Smoke, salt flowers, caramel, citrus notes, vanilla, scones, oak spice.


Finish: Mid-length finish. Burnt caramel, liquorice, vanilla, salt, apple, candied fruit.




樂加維林 11年 焦炭橡木桶 Offerman 第3版特別版 單一麥芽蘇格蘭威士忌
容量:70 cl


看過《Parks and Recreation》的人都會知道,蘇格蘭威士忌、木和牛排幾乎都是羅恩·斯旺森最喜歡的東西,扮演他的演員Nick Offerman也是如此。 自 2014 年以來,他和 Lagavulin 一直在合作,因此當看到他們發明了一種專為搭配牛排而設計的威士忌時,沒有人會感到驚訝。 作為Offerman Edition 系列中的第三款威士忌,這支作品在美國和歐洲的橡木桶中陳釀,這些橡木桶被削平,然後進行重度燒焦,據說是“完美搭配熟透的中等生熟牛排”, Offerman 推薦肋眼牛排。


聞香:強烈的海洋風格煙霧(海邊的營火)。 灰燼、木炭、海浪。 此外,開始時混合了棕色蘋果的味道,幸運的是,它在玻璃杯中幾分鐘後就消失了。 此外,焦糖、麥芽、香草、太妃糖、柑橘香調、百香果、橡木香料。


口感:略帶胡椒味,口感柔滑。 煙熏、鹽花、焦糖、柑橘香調、香草、烤餅、橡木香料。


尾韻:中長。 焦糖、甘草、香草、鹽、蘋果、蜜餞。

Lagavulin 11yo Offerman 3rd Edition Charred Oak Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky