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Braeval 1994/2019 24yo Spirits Shop' Selection #165692
Abv: 44.5%
Volume: 70 cl


Formerly known as Braes of Glenlivet, the distillery was built by Seagram in 1973, aims to produce blended whisky (especially for the old Chivas), and reportedly were seeking to replicate the quality of the neighbouring Glenlivet distillery. So much so in fact, that the distillery name needed to be changed to Braeval in 1994 to avoid any confusion between the two. Pernond-Ricard acquired the distillery in 2001 after Seagram collapsed, and promptly mothballed it until 2008. Occasional distillery bottlings have appeared since, but there has never been a permanent range.


As an independent bottling, this Braeval was distilled 1994 and then matured in an ex-bourbon barrel. Bottled in 2019 for the Spirits Shop' Selection. This bottle adopts the double-screen painting of Imazu Tatsuyuki's "Peacock and Cherry Blossom" during the Taisho period in Japan. The female peacock on the right is used as the label, showing an elegant and subtle beauty. One of 181 bottles.


Nose: Very creamy. In addition to basic milk, butter, sour cream, there are Italian spice cream packs, egg cream packs, and a pack of fresh barley and walnuts.


Palate: Moderate in body, mixed juice including lemon, apple and pear, with some honey.


Finish:  Hint of "Sauvignon" white wine, with some cereal at the end for garnish.




布拉弗 1994/2019 24年 東方命 #165692
容量:70 cl


該酒廠前身為 Braes of Glenlivet,由 Seagram 於 1973 年建造,旨在生產混合威士忌(尤其是老芝華士),並曾以復制鄰近 格蘭利威(Glenlivet )酒廠的品質為目標。事實上,1994 年需要將酒廠名稱更改為 布拉弗(Braeval),以避免兩者混淆。 Pernond-Ricard 在 Seagram 倒閉後於 2001 年收購了這家酒廠,2008 年才重新投入運作。此後偶爾出現過酒廠裝瓶,但十分罕有。


作為獨立裝瓶作品,這支布拉弗在 1994 年蒸餾,然後在前波本桶中熟成 ,並於2019 年為 東方命 裝瓶。此瓶採日本大正時期 Imazu Tatsuyuki 《孔雀與櫻》的雙屏風繪,以右邊局部的雌孔雀作為酒標,展現優雅含蓄的美感。 只有181瓶。







Braeval 1994/2019 24yo Spirits Shop' Selection #165692