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Lagavulin 12yo Special Release 2018 Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Abv: 57.8%

Volume: 70 cl


The Diageo Special Releases welcomes back the Lagavulin 12 for 2018. This is the 18th incarnation of the Islay single malt, which has only missed the very first edition in 2002. The limited release was matured in refill American Oak hogsheads and bottled at 57.8% ABV. As a special release by Diageo each year, this series always get 90-92 score at


Nose: Barbeque smoke, oodles of citrus peels, raspberry and peach. It's quite green, with a freshly cut grass vibe in there too. Then there's a wet wood aroma to keep it interesting.


Palate: Bonfire embers give way to hay, orange peel, toffee apples and salted caramel. Burned marshmallows, dark chocolate and cigar smoke, too.


Finish: Drying with bitter orange and wood smoke.




樂加維林 12年 2018年特別版 單一麥芽蘇格蘭威士忌


容量:70 cl


帝亞吉歐特別版在 2018 年迎來了 Lagavulin 12。這款限量版是在美國橡木桶中成熟,並以 57.8% ABV 裝瓶。作為帝亞吉歐每年的特別發行,該系列在 上的評分始終為90-92。


香氣:燒烤煙,大量柑橘皮,覆盆子和桃子。 它很青草感,裡面也有新鮮割草的感覺。 然後有一種潮濕的木頭香味,讓它保持複雜度。


口感:篝火餘燼讓位於乾草、橙皮、太妃糖蘋果和鹹焦糖。 也有燒焦的棉花糖、黑巧克力和雪茄煙。



Lagavulin 12yo Special Release 2018 Single Malt Scotch Whisky 樂加維林 12年 2018年特別版

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