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格蘭路思 16年 The Aqua Collection
容量:70 cl

這款16年的格蘭路思是The Aqua Collection 的其中一款,基於水源是釀造威士忌的關鍵原材料之一,此系列選取了五個不同水源, 配上雪莉橡木桶,以大比例的首次填充進行調配, 深藍色的酒標亦標示著水源的重要性。




Glenrothes 16yo The Aqua Collection
Abv: 43%
Volume: 70 cl

This 16yo Glenrothes is one of the 5 bottles in The Aqua Collection, in an ode to the five water sources of the distillery, as these sources are the lifeblood of the distillery, having been crucial to crafting its whisky for over a century. With selected sherry-seasoned oak casks, high proportion of first-fill, the distinctive rounded Glenrothes bottle bearing a deep blue label that represents water as it makes its journey toward its destination.

Nose:  Ripe fruit, citrus, oak, apple pie, rich fruit flavor and nutty.

Palate: Vanilla, plum, cranberry, not like the usual first fill sherry; very rich, light and smooth, then spice and cinnamon.

Finish: Long, lingering spice and cinnamon.

Glenrothes 16yo The Aqua Collection 格蘭路思 16年 The Aqua Collection

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