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The Glencairn Whisky Glass is a revolutionary whisky glass that really lets one savor the taste and complexity of fine whisky. These are great to use for any of your Single Malt Whisky's, Irish Whiskey's, and also your single barrel bourbons. With the tapered mouth, you are able to really smell all of the nuances the whisky has to offer. Any malt advocate will love this glass!




Glencairn 威士忌酒杯是一款革命性的威士忌酒杯,能讓酒友們真正品嚐到優質威士忌的味道和版雜性。 這款酒杯非常適合用於任何單一麥芽威士忌、愛爾蘭威士忌以及單桶威士忌。 錐形的杯口能讓您真正聞到威士忌所提供的所有細微差別的氣味。 所有鍾愛麥芽威士忌的飲家都會喜歡這款酒杯!

Glencairn Whisky Glass 威士忌酒杯

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