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Blended Malt 13yo 2006/2020 JAZZIN by The Whiskyfind Bottled for Chichibu Matsuri Bourbon Barrel


Abv: 53.2%

Volume: 70 cl

Chichibu Whisky Matsuri is a very important whisky exhibition in Japan. Since 2014, it has been held at Chichibu Shrine in mid-February every year. For the Chichibu Festival commemoration bottling in 2020, the committee specially commissioned The Whiskyfind to prepare a blended whisky with 100% bourbon ripening as the theme, the Jazzin was born — a blended whisky from the Highland and Speyside regions blended by three distilleries, Fettercairn, Craigellachie and Aultmore (three separate bourbon cask distillated in 2006), presents a vibrant complex and durable flavor profile. This commemorative bottled whisky with only 741 bottlings was first launched in Japan, and was sold out in the first day. The sales speed was even more popular than other commemorative bottled single malt whisky.

Nose: Vanilla, woody, fresh tropical fruit, salted butter, lemon, juice, spice, mint and a hint of soil.

Palate: Silky and oily. Hazelnut, syrup, nuts, cream, nectar, vanilla, melon and meaty.

Finish: Medium to long. Apart form white chocolate, cream, milk and vanilla, it also has a rich fruity, meaty and a hint of wood smokey.




調和麥芽威士忌 13年 2006/2020 JAZZIN 威士忌坊 2020秩父祭紀念裝瓶 波本桶

容量:70 cl

秩父祭(Chichibu Whisky Matsuri)是日本相當重要的威士忌酒展,從2014年開始,每年都固定二月中旬在秩父神社裡舉辦。2020的秩父祭紀念裝瓶,委員會特別委託The Whiskyfind調配一款以100%波本桶熟成為主題的調和威士忌,Jazzin紀念裝瓶隨之誕生 — 一瓶從高地與斯佩賽產區精選出Fettercairn、Craigellachie 和 Aultmore三家酒廠於2006年蒸餾的波本佳釀調和而成的調和威士忌,呈現出充滿活力同時又複雜耐喝的風味特徵。 這款推出數量只有741的紀念裝瓶威士忌在日本一上市,一天之內便完售,銷售速度甚至比其他紀念裝瓶的單一麥芽單桶威士忌還要搶手。




Blended Malt 13yo 2006/2020 JAZZIN by The Whiskyfind for Chichibu Matsuri