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Ben Nevis 22yo 1996/2019 by Thompson Bros Refill Sherry Butt

Abv: 44.4%

Volume: 70 cl

As 1996 is said to be the golden vintage of Ben Nevis, this 22 year old whisky is bottled in 2019 by Thompson Brothers, with only 531 bottles produced. This Ben Nevis whisky has a rich fruity and sherry flavour, and scores 90 marks at "".

Nose: Oily, mineral, sooty and waxy. Overripe green fruits, hints of green banana, lime, pineapple and ripe papaya. Hints of herbals such as sage and chives afterwards.

Palate: Rich fruitiness on arrival. Fresh light fruit sweetness, grapefruit and melons. Then it moves quickly to sherry notes of chocolate, cappuccino, damp leaves and mushrooms. Fragrant, herbal waxiness and oily.

Finish: Medium length. Oily, slightly bittness of herbal, more tropical fruit and various shades of pepper.




本尼維斯 22年 1996/2019 Thompson Brothers裝瓶 Refill Sherry Butt

容量:70 cl

1996年被譽為本尼維斯的黃金年份,這款22年的作品在2019年被Thompson Brothers裝瓶,僅生產531瓶。這支本尼維斯威士忌有著豐富水果與雪莉桶的風味,更於“”上獲得90分不錯的評價。

香氣:油潤、礦物、煤炭煙熏和蠟質。 熟透的綠色水果、淡淡的綠色香蕉、青檸、菠蘿和成熟的木瓜。 接著的是草藥的氣息,如鼠尾草和細香蔥。

口感:入口是非常豐富的水果味。 新鮮的甜水果、葡萄柚和蜜瓜。 接著到雪莉桶的味道,朱古力、卡布奇諾咖啡、濕葉和蘑菇。十分芳香、有蠟質草藥的氣息和油潤的質感。


[WF:90] Ben Nevis 22yo 1996/2019 by Thompson Bros Refill Sherry Butt

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