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Glendronach 12yo 2003/2015 PX Sherry For The Nectar & LMDW #1822


Abv: 55.6%

Volume: 70 cl

Except for the price increase for the 90s single cask Glendronach, you can still buy 00s for a lower price. This bottle is distilled on the 21th February 2003 and bottled in September 2015, matured in a single Pedro Ximenez Sherry Cask and released exclusively for The Nectar and La Maison du Whisky, only 632 bottles were produced.

Nose: Sweet, apple, red grapes, fresh grains and a bit of wood.

Palate: Very warm, sweet and oily. Vanilla sugar cookies, honey, lots of milk chocolate and dates.

Finish: Quite short, the tongue remains spices and delicate sweetness.




格蘭多納 12年 2003/2015 PX雪利桶 The Nectar & LMDW #1822

容量:70 cl

縱使90年代格蘭多納的單桶威士忌的價格上升不少,您仍然可以以較為便宜的價格購買00年代的單桶格蘭多納。 這瓶格蘭多納於2003年2月21日進行蒸餾,並放置在PedroXimenez雪利酒桶陳化至2015年9月裝瓶。這瓶格蘭多納專門為The Nectar和La Maison du Whisky (LMDW)而發行,僅生產632瓶。


口感:入口非常溫暖、甜膩和油膩。 香草糖餅乾、蜂蜜、很重牛奶巧克力和海棗味道。


Glendronach 12yo 2003/2015 PX Sherry For The Nectar & LMDW #1822

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