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Glendronach 24yo 1993/2018 Sherry Butt #403


Abv: 52.3%

Volume: 70 cl

This 24 year old whisky is part of Glendronach's popular single cask series. It distilled in 12th February 1993 and matured in a Sherry Butt cask before being bottled from the single cask (#403) in 2018, with only 667 bottles produced.

Colour: Amber

Nose: Spice smell mixed with a little cinnamon at first. Fragrant almond smell, dark fruits compote, dates, figs, molasses, honey and apricots with a touch of orange peel afterwards.

Palate: Spice taste at first, followed by dark chocolate, almonds and nuts. Cream, passion fruit and vanilla taste afterwards.

Finish: Medium. Passion fruit with a touch of acidity and a touch of sweet cream, and dark chocolate afterwards.




格蘭多納 24年 1993/2018 雪利桶 #403

容量:70 cl

這款24年的威士忌是格蘭多納最受歡迎的單桶系列的一部分。 它於1993年2月12日進行蒸餾,並在雪利酒桶中成熟,然後在2018年從單個酒桶(#403)裝瓶,僅生產667瓶。



口感:首先是香料味,其次是黑巧克力、杏仁和堅果。 接著是奶油、百香果和香草的味道。

尾韻:中等。 帶有些許酸度和些許甜奶油的百香果,然後是黑巧克力。

Glendronach 24yo 1993/2018 Sherry Butt #403

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